This is for you: A list of free resources to help you through while staying at home

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** Updated 13 April 2020 **

Whether you are looking for new inspiration or ideas for a play set-up, or you found yourself socially distancing or possible isolation, I have made this list of generous small businesses with free resources. It is not limited to only in this situation but also if you are homeschooling, planning on homeschooling or would like to try something new.


With the situation arising like today, some of us find ourselves making tough decisions - some call it brave and some, just taking pre cautions, But know this, whatever decision you make, chose it with kindness - for yourself, your family and others. With kindness, it can differ from family to family, or person to person, of course.

But then, I thought, stepping out of my current situation being a business owner, what if I am not? I look back as if I was then. I though can afford few things here and there ONLY if I have saved for it, but with a situation being right now, forced to self-isolate, or work place has shut down or closed temporarily, I know I won't be able to afford sudden spendings. 

And at times like this, I ask myself, how can I help? Discounts? Sales? Free shipping? And trust me, I have thought of them - but honestly, as a small business who just started four months ago, I simply cannot afford all of those, even though I gladly put some items on sale, I still think I am helping in a way. But right now, I choose to raise awareness - in a way that would help you re-connect to your home, children and education.

This list and links, will help you choose between many activities & inspire you, perhaps to play, get moving and re-connect. 

I've also written then in categories, in case you are looking for a specific theme.

Seasonal Prompts

Deer and Fawns resources page are just full of inspired crafts for family, mindfulness, seasonal and other fun themes, such as space, moon, nature and pre-historic. Melinda is also hosting Mindful in March currently which has very inspiring guide with lots of craft ideas.

- Elise of Wild Mountain Child created the Nature Play (which runs every two-three months*) and she's created a lovely calendar which provides all the daily prompts for the whole month.

- Join Lisa of Seeds for Tomorrow on a Monthly Mindful Journey. It's free and you will need to sign up to receive the downloads - and it's totally amazing and just simply lovely!

Play-based Resources

- Zara's Play Tribe has a free resources page including DIY from her popular creations, printables & e-book. She also hosts sensory events for Mumma's/Dada's only to show and help you with setting up some sensory play and give you ideas.

- Jules from Stories of Play who is a play parent coach is giving her FREE Play Parent Toolkit when you subscribe via email.

- Mini Zoo has fun matching play-based printables on their website.

- A Day for Play has published a lovely blog on Oskar's Wooden Ark on how to play with you Grapat mandala pieces. Head on here to read including 20 free printable play mats.

- Play Room Stories wrote an amazing post on A fun-filled activity guide to kee your kids busy  on Oskar's Wooden Ark. SO if you are looking for brand new ideas and inspiration, I suggest to have a look now!

- Together Gallery has an amazing range of free colouring material on their website!

- Lovely Kristy of Today Our Children has many many many play resources! Cardboard craft? she got it. Setting up playful space? Got it! Play hacks? She sure does. Give her some love over her instagram and website!

Nature-inspired Adventures and Printables

- The Little Potion Co has recently released a free Nature Mindful Map! They have also teamed up with The Harmony Tree House to bring us a free Gratitude Mindful Map printable!

- I have Raising Little Shoots' Exploring Nature with Children - and I can only tell you one thing, you should too! If you want a year-long nature-based curriculum. Either way, Lynn has a Charlotte Mason inspired shop full of nature-based resources including her Free Downloads page.

-Who doesn't love Twig and Moth? Alice's illustration are just all about beautiful, and carefully created. Her nature-inspired illustrations just brings warmth to my heart. She has an amazing free resources for us all.

- Another epic free resources is from Playful Learning. I really love the volcano one since I recently purchased a pop-up book with volcano in it - so perfect pair!

- Everyday Learn and Play sends you a free printable every Friday when you subscribed to their mailing list.

Chickie & Roo has such bomb resources! Including her Freebies page of course!

- Amy from Pickwick and Sprout has just put together the cutest free printables! Get on it!

- Hannah from Ark and Luna, who is also a play therapist has simple and meaningful free resource on her shop. This smudge stick guide is a must try, and of course this Nature Treasure Hunt printable.

- One Tree Planted has a great list of nature-friendly things to do when you're stuck at home

- Growing Kind has offered a free Nature Play Prompts downloads (part 1 & part 2) to keep you connected to nature.

Elise of Wild Mountain Child and Wild Island Apparel has teamed up to bring us an amazing nature-based activities to do at home e-book, Wild, Home, Play. Head on to their website and sign up to get you free downloads. Wild Mountain Child website
Wild Island Apparel website

- Tanglewood Hollow has amazing collection of freebies - printable and all nature-inspired!

- Lovely Em, Nestling and Nook, has created free printables including a homeschool planner!

Lessons/Curriculums/Resources for Parents & Educators

- Jill, creator and illustrator of The Little Oak Learning is one of my favourite curriculum creator and artist. She makes rhythm resources, focusing on nature and purposeful work as well. Encouraging you to slow down, observe, and learn through your surroundings. Her shop is filled with amazing resources and we have gotten her freebies ourselves, and use it very much so. Subscribe to receive her free resources. 

The Pinay Homeschooler has every fun FREE learning materials for every age. It's so many I can't chose!

For a limited time Earthschooling is offering free resources. There are plenty to chose from, it's so amazing and kind of them!

-This section is inspired by Mirus Toys', Suba. She has generously put together a free resource page for parents and educators

Firefly Nature School offers a free lesson when you subscribe to her mailing list.

Twinkl offers a free downloadable resource pack and you can search by region and by education level your child/children are. My friend actually told me about this website!

- One Tree Planted has a great Sustainable Homeschooling Kit FREE to download. Not only that, they have a really great school program for teachers and educators here

- Whole Beings is offering free Mindful Prompt Cards when you sign up!


- Visit Jill of The Little Oak Learning IGTV account for an amazing, beautiful circle time for free.

- For our Northern Hemisphere friends, Wilderthorn has published an amazing music and story-telling about spring! I love it so much <3 In the forest, the story-telling and the musical background.


*Disclaimer: I have written all of this to help parents and educators have one place to go for free resources and inspirations. I am not affiliated with the links and people that I have included in this list. This is all for you, so please, give credit ALWAYS. If I have misspelled anything or linked the wrong website or person, please do let me know. I am updating this regularly as I find more free resources.



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