About Us

Hi! Welcome to my second baby, Kindred Play. My name is Mischelle, my family and I live in Brisbane, Queensland. I moved here 7 years ago to study Patisserie and oh boy that time was the highlight of my life….then I had my daughter, and everything has been magical and CRAZY!
Kindred Play started with the love for natural toys and learning resources, desire for more connection through play. I begin to write ideas and drafts down and next thing I know, I am moving forward, pushing Kindred Play to happen.
I hope you join us in this journey!
This is all for her. I want to devout my time to her. Having Kindred Play, gives me the flexibility and exposure to more learning resource and creating experiences with her.
Ava is 2 years old and is the most wild-spirited, sweet, passionate, energetic & outspoken Monkey I could have ever wished for. I still pinch myself every time I look at her, thinking, how could I ever deserve such a magical person.