Earthly Finds

Terms and Conditions for pre-loved and second hand goods:

You must accept the stated condition of each item so we ask that you read the description for defects, worn condition and any condition that isn't stated as new.

  • There is NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE for these products. All sales from Earthly Finds collection is final
  • Unless stated, Earthy Finds will not be a part of storewide sale or any discounts and discount code.
  • Earthly Finds products are included in our flat-rate shipping.
  • Wooden bowls and other related products may be polished with raw linseed oil to restore its beauty when possible.

I am a long time second-hand shopper and I strongly believe in extending the life of the product as much as I can, as long as it will not cause any harm to affect our health.

Earthly Finds is curated to promote and create more demand on second-hand products as mush as promoting sustainable, handmade and quality product to last long and to be passed onto generations.

Thank you