our mission

natural, holistic play for creative minds

~ support a play-based learning
~ supply toys with connection
~ supporting learning through free and imaginative play
~ connect with nature through play

To provide options for a more sustainable learning resources for families in order to raise the demand towards sustainable products, give opportunities for families to make learning fun (and messy, but fun!) and more engaging. 

To encourage families and children to get out there and connect with nature even for once a week, or 1 hour a day. With what we have to offer, I believe this can be more possible.

To give opportunity to invest is great quality products that can be passed on in years to come.

To support small and local businesses around Australia, and demand a fair trade exchange around the globe.

At Kindred Play, we aim to produce less waste as much as we can by re-using boxes, wrapping or anything that can help protect your items during transit, including existing packing tapes, paper etc. around our household. We also use Hero Packaging in case we cannot find anything suitable for some items or run out of packaging to use.
It is our long term goal to completely use a paper packing tapes, recycled paper wrapping for your items.