citrus playdough

little wildling playdough

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Please allow 1-2 week make-up time for the playdoughs.

Connect with nature through play with our new play dough range. Little Wildling play dough is handmade with love and care in Perth, with all-natural ingredients with a touch of nature.

Our new play dough encourages mindful play and simply connecting with the child’s senses. It is, without a doubt, our personal favourite activity. It keeps us focus, and creative and at the same time, ignites conversation and curiosity.

Citrus Playdough is a perfect pair with our dried flowers, eco cutter range and play dough stamps.

Allergen Advice: Please note all Little Wildling Dough Play dough contains WHEAT (gluten). Despite our best efforts, our play-dough is produced in an environment where play-dough may come into trace contact with NUTS, SOY, FISH and other allergens.

We recommend this for children 3 years and up with adult supervision at all times. Please know that although these are made with pantry ingredients, Little Wildling Play dough are made for play only, and not consumption. Small parts may be present. Not suitable for children who are still mouthing.

Caring for your dough:

  • When not in use, please put away in its original or any sealed container.
  • Store in a cool, dark place or in the fridge.
  • Play dough can last up to 6 months, minimum 3 months when being used a lot.
  • When temperature changes, dough ingredients may slightly separate. Knead before using when this changes occur.
  • Play dough may dry out when left out for a while.