natural geology kit

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Find hidden treasure and learn all about Australian geology, with this beautiful handmade and locally sourced, all natural geology kit. 

- 5 different Australian rocks/crystal varieties set inside a solid 'rock'.
- Wooden hammer (approx. 20cm long) and chisel to dig out your treasures.
- Information cards to learn about each stone.

Current kits include any five of the following: quartz crystal, epidote, mica schist, bornite, unakite, petrified wood, agate, opal, zircon. Partly polished for a balance between an authentic natural dig and prettiness!

100% Australian made using Australian materials.

Tools are made from local red gum, pine, poplar or fruit tree woods (sustainably sourced from fallen branches); Tasmanian oak and a lavender beeswax polish. 'Rock' made from sand, soil and plaster. Wrapped in paper and string and sealed in a brown paper bag. Kit is completely compostable at the end of its life.

Recommended for 6+ depending on ability and supervision. Occasionally rocks may have a sharp edge. Please use with protective equipment such as goggles (not included)

Contains small parts. We ask that you keep the information cards while at use.

Handmade in South Australia

Please note that this kit includes hammer, chisel, solid rock (with stones and crystals inside) and information cards. Does not include additional rocks or crystals as picture. Photo is for reference only.