natural playdough - lavender

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Simply Lavender playdough uses only natural ingredients that are taste-safe, eco-friendly food-grade dye and biodegradable ingredients available in 250g or 350g stored in glass jar.

Simply Lavender (play)dough contains dried blue lavender as well as lavender essential oil – relaxing and perfect night-time play before bed for lavender’s calming properties.

Our Simply Lavender (play)dough is perfect to use with our dried flowers, playdough stamps & tools as well as with our dough cutters.

(play)dough combo suggestion: lemon & peppermint (play)dough, garden playdough stamps, unicorn, rainbow, ladybug bio cutters

While we ensure we use food-grade and taste-safe ingredients, we do not recommend this to be consumed AT ALL and to use ONLY FOR PLAY. We use food-safe glass jar so you can recycle or reuse them for later to store loose parts, craft items, or even to use for arts and crafts. 

We recommend these for ages 3+, containing small parts are choking hazard and not intended for children that still put things in their mouth.

Allergens: wheat & dried flowers

Supervision is required at all times.